Microbewässerungsset für 48 Pflanzen

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Bewässerungsset für 48 Pflanzen

1x Schlauch flexibel 3/4 Zoll

1x Umwälz pumpe 1400/l/h Füllhöhe 2,0m

1x Absperrhahn 20mm PE x3/4 AG

1x PE Kupplung 3/4 - 3/4Z IG mit Gummidichtung

1x PVC-Anschlußverschraubung Außen

1x PVC Rohr Endkappe 32 mm

4x Düsenverteiler mit 12 Tropfen

4x Montagering zum Einbau von Düsenverteilern

How exactly does a holiday droplet garden home or micro-irrigation work?

The immersion pump included in the set is simply placed with its suction feet on the bottom of your irrigation tank. Via the main line of your irrigation system and then through the nozzle manifolds, the water is conveyed to the respective pots via the capillary hoses. The capillary sockets are fixed in your substrate using a drip tube holder. Unused capillaries (e.g., through fewer pots) can either be returned to your nutrient tank or distributed to other pots. (E.g., 2 x capillary for one pot)


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